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Friday, August 31, 2007

REDSOX Suck Again

REDSOX Suck Again


When the Redsox started this series with the Evil Yankees I was hoping for a sweep, But it was the other way around.
13 hits in 3 games just isn't going to cut it. Watching J.D. Pew come to the play is infuriating to Me. I could have a Better shot than Him and I could never
hit very well But atleast I would take the Bat off my shoulder.

Let me Say that I am Not Worried about the Redsox Losing the A.L East. Not Going to happen. But I do expect the Yankees to make a run at the Wildcard
Now that the Seattle Mariners are playing like Tampa Bay.

Watched the First Half of the Patriots/Giants exhibition, What can I say it is easy to lose intrest when Not 1 starter for the Patriots Played.
Believe it or not I did watch till the Half then went looking for more interesting stuff to watch.

9 days till it begins. Is anyone else as excited as I am for football to start???

I like Baseball, But I love Football. Maybe it is because you only have 1 game a week as compared to baseball where 4-6 games is pretty normal
so the excitement factor for any 1 game outside of redsox/Yankees is minimal.

where as there are only 16 regular season NFL games. Every game means something. Lose 1 game and Its a Big fucking Deal.

I do want to congratulate LJ for her big score coming in 3rd in the 32k again.

Hope everyone has a Great Labor Day Weekend.
Be safe

Billy B