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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yom Kippur, Redsox, Patriots. Boobies

Yom Kippur is probably the most important holiday of the Jewish year. Many Jews who do not observe any other Jewish custom will refrain from work, fast and/or attend synagogue services on this day. Yom Kippur occurs on the 10th day of Tishri. The holiday is instituted at Leviticus 23:26 et seq.

The name “Yom Kippur” means “Day of Atonement,” and that pretty much explains what the holiday is. It is a day set aside to “afflict the soul,” to atone for the sins of the past year. In Days of Awe, I mentioned the “books” in which G-d inscribes all of our names. On Yom Kippur, the judgment entered in these books is sealed. This day is, essentially, your last appeal, your last chance to change the judgment, to demonstrate your repentance and make amends.

Let me start By saying I am Sorry for any and All wrong doings for the past year.

Technically I should not be posting But since I am at work instead of Temple I figured What the Heck.

Today is Yom Kippur Our day of Atonement, Just like Catholics have lent we have Yom Kippur but instead of 40 days ours is just 1. We are not supposed to do much of anything today. No eating, No Working, So far I am 0-2.

Moving on

The Redsox Finally won a Game and To make is Twice as nice the Yankees lost for a change. I still am hoping the redsox will pull it together and hold off the Damm Yankees for the division. Lets hope Manny Ramierez decides to play before the playoffs.

Thank God that Tape Gate is now Over. The Patriots are 2-0 and Looking Mighty Fine.

Let me just say That ladainian tomlinson is a Bitch for someone who talks as much as he does He seems to not show up when it counts. He had the Balls to talk shit the week before a big game and then He got stuffed and what does he say after?? Nothing but excuses.

The Patriots are playing the Buffalo Bills who might just be one of the worst teams in the NFL. The spead is 17 and I still like the Patriots.
I do think that they might just go Run Heavy this week so that might keep the score down. But I will give the 17 and Pray.

On 2nd thoughts what i Did choose to do was tease the Patriots and the Colts. making the lines much better.

2 Team Teaser Bet Details
Indianapolis Colts -1
Football - NFL Lines NFL - WEEK 3 - Pointspread
(Teased 6.0 points)

New England Patriots -11
Football - NFL Lines NFL - WEEK 3 - Pointspread
(Teased 6.0 points)

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Go Patriots.
Now go drop the hammer.

L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem