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Sunday, October 14, 2007

5 HOURS TO GAME TIME Patriots-cowboys

5 HOURS TO Game time. the talking heads on tv said "this is the game of the century so far this year." Man are they fucking stupid this is just two 5-0 teams. Today we will find out if the Cowboys are for real or just another NFC Pretender.

Laurnece Maroney is out, But since Samme Morris has been filling in quiet nicely no worries there.

the patriots are a 6 1/2 point underdog on Bodog right now. I like the patriots even giving 6 1/2.
I think that it will be close for the first half and then the pats are going to stretch it out.

so take the pats minus 6 and a half.

I also like the Browns -4 1/2 against Miami, Miami could possibly be the worst team in the NFL.

I also like that Cardnials. they have been playing well and the Panthers might be starting a QB Vinny "the testacle" Testaverde.

so to sum it up my picks are

Patriots -6 1/2
Browns -4 1/2
cardnials -6

see u all when the Patriots are 6-0