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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Patriots Beat down the Cowboys   What a great game that was. I will admit to actually being nervous for about 5 minutes in the 3rd quarter. When the Cowboys actually took the lead. I was trying to think back to the last time the patriots actually were behind Not including if the other team scored on their first drive? When was the last time we actually trailed in the 2nd half this year??

The cowboys may be the best team in the NFC but their defense isn't that good. They allowed the patriots to convert 11 of 13 3rd downs.
that is not going to win you many games if you can't get off the field.

dallas is pretty cool But I have to Admit that I actually never made into Dallas. My friends live in one of the Many many suburbs.
I did get to go to the Stockyards which was pretty neat. Bars with saddles and a Outdoor bull Ride. Fun stuff.
I did pop my Hooters Cherry on this trip. Neat place foods OK. Won't be going back anytime soon mostly because we do not have
a Hooters in Worcester, Mass

Did you know that the Dallas Airport is bigger than Manhattan that is crazy, But unlike Boston it is well thought out.

There were alot and I mean alot of Patriots fans at this game. It is an interesting since this would never happen up in NewEngland since the stadium is sold out before the season starts. Texas stadium is a shithole and I am glad that I got too see it once before they tear it down.

My Parlay of the patriots and the Browns was Good. +100

I am glad I decided to stay away from the Bengals man do they look bad. I mean come on The chiefs are bad. How bad? very bad and you can't beat them you suck Bengals I guess 2 years ago was a fluke back to your Losing ways.