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Saturday, November 10, 2007

20K on Bodog

Fuck Me. out in 61st place. AK v 88.

11:03 Just doubled up to 25k with 75 left. I might have a shot.

10:54 T12881 first time above average with 88 left.

10:48 still in the 20k up to T9506 with average being T10,700. I have not been above average all night but I have been able to steal and squeeze my way to 9k. with 99 players left. 36 get paid.
Mofo_69 on bodog come say high.

9:30 Playing the 20k on bodog missed pretty much the entire first hour but because Bodog has the best structure i was onlydown to T2680 which aint great but fine shape.