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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Paranoid Not I

I Don't want to come off as Paranoid but can anyone who doesn't live in Indianapolis tell me they thought the Refs did a good job last sunday?

NBC Sports has written a very interesting article about last sundays game.

"Head referee John Parry’s crew was beyond bad in the Patriots 24-20 win. New England had a franchise record 10 penalties for 146 yards. And it wasn’t just the calls but the non-calls as well.

I counted eight blatant mistakes that went against New England (I’m not counting the pregame coin flip Parry had to do twice because he dropped the coin) each of differing severity."

1. Two officials with an unimpeded view of the play rule Colts receiver Aaron Moorehead in bounds on a first-quarter reception even though his left foot landed entirely out of bounds. How do they miss this one? 2 refs not even one and the one that was behind the play was waving his arms for no catch.

2. A neutral zone infraction on the Patriots in the first quarter that gave the Colts a first down on third-and-2. Two Patriots flinched at the same time and readjusted while a Colts offensive lineman jumped. It didn’t appear either got into the neutral zone.

3. Colts' tight end Dallas Clark hauling down Patriots safety Rodney Harrison in the end zone, preventing a chance at an interception. Ok this was Blatant Offensive Pass Interference but was not called.

4. An inadvertent flag on New England for having offensive lineman Russ Hochstein lined up as an eligible receiver despite the fact the announcement was made before the play that Hochstein was eligible.

5. A 40-yard pass interference penalty on Patriots corner Ellis Hobbs despite his picture-perfect coverage against Reggie Wayne. Are you kidding me he was in Perfect position and was looking for the Ball and they still make this terrible call. and give the colts first and goal.

6. A defensive holding (or pass interference) non-call on Colts linebacker Gary Brackett as he covered New England running back Kevin Faulk. This is the one that made everyone sit up seems Both teams are not playing by the same set of rules. Since the Defender has his arm around Faulk and spun him before the ball got there.

7. A phantom offensive pass interference call on Patriots' receiver Randy Moss inside the Colts 10. I would love to hear the Official explain this call since moss never touched the defender

8. A block in the back by Colts wide receiver Moorehead on Patriot Rashad Baker during Joseph Addai’s 73-yard touchdown reception.

I am not going to go on a rant about how the Refs were trying to Job the Patriots and How this game wouldn't have been close if they hadn't.
Maybe one of them had Bet on the Colts and was purposely kept the score down ala Tim Donaghy.
Go ahead and say it couldn't happen that is what the NBA was saying about 6 months ago.

"Finally, we have the fact that the Patriots’ coach-to-quarterback wireless communication went out on the game’s first series and was “a problem from the first series,” according to Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

Here we have a confluence of suspicions. After the taping scandal, it was noted by some teams (Jacksonville specifically) that, while playing in New England, their coach-to-quarterback communication went out. That added another layer of skepticism to how the Patriots do their business. Now that the Patriots have had their communication jammed in the home stadium of their nemesis the Colts, there’s a question of whether Indy was behind it. Or are the Patriots so full of guile that they’d pretend it was malfunctioning just to cast aspersions on the Colts?"

Then we have the Colts artificially pumping up the Volume which is against league rules,
Do they get fined? do they lose a draft pick? NO. why cause Bill Polian is on the competition committee and that is that.

The good news for the NFL is the Patriots will not win a game this week only because they have a bye. But make no mistake they are going to Run the Table and get rid of the Notion that the Patriots will rest their players the last few weeks.

The Nfl and all the Naysayers have made it personal and the patriots are out to prove that they are the Best of all time. Regardless of what Don Shula wants to think. Hmm you would think the dolphins Never broke the rules. But they Tampered to get shula in the first place and lost their first round pick as a result.

Well thats it for today. say it with me 16-0.

See you at the Mookie tonight.