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Monday, November 12, 2007

MATH at 10

First off if you see a vetran today or tommorrow shake thier hand and say thanks.

In another attempt to make the TOC Hoyazo is once again screwing with the tourney structure.
tonight its a Turbo. Last week it was 6 max. what next week Hoy fucking Omaha????

Great a turbo tourney maybe next week can be 6 max turbo for like 150 bucks then Chad will be happy I would link to him but he is being a whiny little boy so screw him and his condescending attitude to us sucky recreational players.

I won a token so I am IN. So come join me in playing this crapshoot.

So to recap play the Math at 1o on Full tilt poker. for a chance to claim a TOC seat.