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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sarah turns 9 today.
      My Oldest Wonkette turns 9 today. I am continually baffled how this Happened since it seems like she
was just born Yesterday. I am sure most Parents of young children say the same thing. But still it is amazing when
they No Longer think they Need you for everything.

Gone are the Days when she would ask me to tie her shoes.

Gone are the Days when she thought I was the Most Handsome Boy in the world where she wanted to hold my Hand. Now I am not supposed to hug her or actually acknowledge her in public when she is with her friends.

Gone are the Days when she thought I was Cool and hip and could dance.

When they are Little all we wish for is they would get bigger but Now I wish they would stay small since My little girl is growing up.
Am I the Only one who takes Immense pleasure and Trying to Hug her infront of others which is actually scary since I have Become my parents.

I Tell Both of them That I love them every day atleast once if not 10 times.
If I give them nothing else I want them to know that They are Loved which is the most important thing we can give our children.

So Happy 9th Birthday Sarah, I hope all you wishes and Dreams come true.

I love you

Daddy aka Wwonka