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Monday, January 28, 2008

How Not to Win A Tournament

How Not to Win at FoxwoodsSundays schedule.

  1. 4:00a.m wake up at 4am even though alarm is set for 7

  2. 7:45 Pick up RakeFeeder

  3. 7:55 Get that feeling like I am going to puke. We are in Dunkin Donuts Parking Lot.

  4. 7:57 Drink a Coke stomach settles down.

  5. 9:10 Arrive at Foxwoods and get signed up for tourney.

  6. 9:30 Sit down at 1/2 nl. I get nothing Playable and lose 8 bucks before the Tourney.

  7. 9:59 Sit Down at Tourney Table. I have RakeFeeder to my Immediate Right.

  8. 10:00 Get dealt First Hand and BUST OUT.

  9. 10:15 Play 1/2 for the Rest of the Day.

  10. 9:00 Leave Foxwoods Down $30

What can I say other than I am a DONKEY who brutally misplayed the first hand I saw in the tourney and got knocked out as GIGLI in a 200+ person $100 tournament.

First let me say that the way they do the seating is fucked up at Foxwoods. RakeFeeder and I signed up and got assigned seats 4+5 at the same table. We were at 2 different windows. They claim to have random seating but this is the 2nd time this has happened.

OK I had AQo in utg+2 RakeFeeder had told me that the person in the 5 seat was very raisy daisy so I limped along with utg for 50 and seat 5 proceeded to raise to 150. UTG made the call and I called. We saw a Flop of Q8x, utg and I checked to raisey daisy and he leads for 350, utg raises to 900 and HERE IS WHERE I FUCKED UP. I just called trying to get tricky and trap RD. Mr RD folds and the Turn is a 6, utg leads for 1600 and I reraise to 3200. He pushes for like 600 more and flips over 86 for a turned 2 pair, No Ace or Queen on the river and I am GIGLI.

This was a Group Outing for the HPT. RakeFeeder and Biggestron were in attendance along with Ittolm who is the HPT commissioner and 6-7 others. My Man ScottyDawg came in 5th place for a nice payday. ScottyDawg seems to do well at casino tourneys. He has gone deep in both the Foxwoods and the Cesears Tourneys.

I Played 1/2 pretty much from 10:30 till about 8. I ended up down 30 for the day. I could have been up 200 or so but lost a huge 3 way pot when my flopped K high flush. Got caught by the guy playing A6o caught his spade on the turn to scoop a 500+ pot. So instead of being up a lot I was now down 50. I had bought in for 200. I got up from this table and went to find RakeFeeder who was now out of the tourney and playing 1/2. I managed to snag a seat at his table at the opposite end from him. He is in the 2 and I am in the 8.

I have like $156 when I sit down at his table and the First hand I get AK. I limp cause the guy in seat 10 is on something. He is very Aggitated and he raises and gets 3 callers including myself. Flop comes K high and it checks to him and he immediately Fires a Bet for 26. He gets called by the 1 seat then it folds to me. The 1 seat is one of those players who takes his time at the table. He probably take 30 seconds to a minute to make his decisions. Well after seat 10 raised he tanks for a minute and seat ten glares at me and he is Banging his chips on the Table.
He then Jumps up and wants to call time on seat 1. But he keeps staring me down. RakeFeeder is looking at me funny wondering what I have. So the Floor comes over and Puts seat 1 on the clock and I stand up to Look at the Board since I am in the 8 and the floor guy yells at me to Sit down cause me standing up could be construed as an act of intimidation.
So seat 1 calls I then ask the floor if I can stand and look now. Check the board look at the 10 seat who is staring at me and reraise to 75. I don't think he is that strong. He is trying way to hard to get me out. He then ReReraises All in which Covers me. Seat 1 folds and I Make the Call and he flips over K8 and My Ace kicker is Good. Back to Even for the Day.

I don't like Calling his Allin with just AK but he was so agitated it made it a really easy call since I bought in short.

This guy then goes on MAJOR TILT and spews another 100 or so onto the table raising almost every hand for the next 15 min. Too bad I couldn't get the rest of his money. This was at like 2:45P.M and RakeFeeder and I sat there till about 8:30. He atleast had the good sense to go Eat some food. I Just sat there and Churned for the Next 5+ hours ending my day down 30.

Table selection is so important at Foxwoods. My first table was a bunch of Grinders 4-5 who had all been siting there for 4+ hours already with pretty big stacks RakeFeeder had come over and warned me about 1 of them. The 2nd table was more Donks like Me. At one Point we were Joined By our friend D, She plays mostly limit but I think that after yesterday she might not be going back. She played well and left the table up some.

Wow I think this might be my longest post ever.
Sorry for anyone who read the whole thing.

Tonight is the MATH, I will not be playing since I am not a big fan of 6max.

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