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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Saturdays with Doctor Pauly

DuggleBogey wrote:

It's just another opportunity for the ASSHOLE Bloggers that seem to
have taken over these tournaments to berate people who are just trying
to have some fun and play some low stakes tourney with some friends. If
you feel the urge to begin to ridicule someone's play at these games,
could you just please take your business elsewhere? Your petty little
snarky comments all through the tournaments that turn into ABSOLUTE
VITRIOL when you get knocked out are not appreciated in the least."

This looks like it could be fun. Blogger Tournaments over at Pokerstars once again.
I do Miss the Wwdn which was one of the first Blogger Tourneys I ever played in.

I am definetly going to try and make this one.

I might play tonights tourneys on BODOG and Full Tilt if Charter Cable is not being a Bunch of Incompitent fuck wads that they are. I had No Internets last night. I Read a book and got a decent nights sleep, That is until I awoke at 4am again WTF is up with that?

Maybe I shouldnt take sleeping pills at 9pm?

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