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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

KajaGugu stirs it Up.

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Kajagugu Wrote
"BBT3? Chop-suey?

Wow, I am so disappointed. You know what I mean. That last BBT3 game on Thursday. I didn't even play or anything. Just watched from the rail. We've talked about this before. The chops. But this one takes the cake.
When I first read that Swimmom95 not only gave up her 2:1 lead for half the money, but then also gave away the TOC seat to ScottMc, I was sure she was his backer. I mean, what other reason would she have for doing that? But then I read that Scott had a different backer, so that theory is out the window. And I have nothing against either of these players. But this was beyond silly."

Kaja Does Raise some interesting points in his post. I find some of the comments after his post interesting since some people seem to have taken great offense to his Raising a couple of questions in regards to what happened last week. We all Know that the 1 person to a hand rule has gone out the window with online play. with IM or IRC people can get a opinion on a hand they are in. BWOP even admits to the Following.

"1. I have been in private girlie chat with fellow bloggers during blogger tournaments.

2. I have been on the telephone with F-Train while playing blogger tournaments.
3. I have been on IRC with a group of bloggers while playing blogger tournaments.

4. I am probably a member of one or more of the blogger "cliques" of which you speak."

Now I am not saying BWOP did anything wrong but she seems to take great offense that kaja has questioned the deal that was made and his pondering's

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of Swimmom95 making such a Poor Deal with all that is involved with the BBT3. You would think that instead of giving someone a toc seat that swimmom95 would have been much better off trying to take his/her second seat there by giving herself a better shot at the Final Prize.

Do I think that everyone cheats in these things? NO I wouldn't play if I did. Do I think that maybe its not exactly 1 person to a hand? yes I am guessing that happens, We all know it does since there is always some Donkey who seems to forget that it is bad form to talk about a hand when your not in it.

I have also been on IRC and asked an opinion of a hand in play during a tourney say the 20k on bodog or the 28k on ftp usually when you get reasonably deep. I sometimes find it very valuable to have a 2nd opinion in key spots. So would it surprise me if others were doing the same, not really especially when you have husband and wives and roommates playing together.

Everyone needs to relax take a deep breath and thank Al Can't Hang again for setting this whole thing up.


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BWoP said...

You might want to REREAD my comment before you start characterizing what I am saying in your post.

My issue was with the fact that Kaja was ascribing *hypothetical* situations to specific bloggers, in trying to make a point that there may be *inherent conflicts of interest* based on familiarity between and among bloggers.

It's calling specific people out and using them as an example that I found unsavory.

My other point was that although I am in girlie chat and have many very close friends in blogger world, it doesn't necessarily mean that I am colluding. I pointed out those four items of my own personal activity because those seemed to be Kaja's hot buttons.

Kaja's specific question was as follows: "Backers, Girlie Chat, Cliques, Buddies. Is this some minor (or major) form of collusion? Stop and ponder this dilemma for a second and tell me what you think in the comments."