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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Redsox Streak ends at 1, Bodonkey fun

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Did anyone wake up at 5:30 to watch the redsox play the Oakland A's in Tokyo?
I Meant to But I think my Oldest wonkette shut off the alarm clock on me. From what I can tell I didn't miss much with the sox losing 5-1.


I Know a lot of people Seem to think the Structure of Bodog's tourneys are weak.

I think they are amazing at least early. I missed the first 65 minutes last night and I sat down to a stack that was down to T2530 from a T3000 start. I think that is amazingg. Try that at Full tilt and see what your stack looks like. Yes the Mid/ end game is no better than most other sites but the early structure leaves a lot of play.

I wish I could say I played well after missing the first hour. I chipped back up to 3k then 3500 or so when I got AK in mid position and there was a Raise to 550 and a call in front so I figured I would try to squeeze and steal.  too bad the Original Raiser had AA, What surprised me was the Call from the person in the Middle they called 2 All ins with JJ???

Nice Call, What do you think we had? I am fine with my push but I am certainly not calling a shove and a call with JJ.


It seems I pissed off BWOP with my post yesterday and I was certainly not trying to accuse anyone of anything and would like to make that clear.


Site is Moving to please update your bookmarks.


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