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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Overheard at the .05/.10NL tables on Full Tilt Poker


Bodonkey Tonight at 9pm eastern on Bodog Poker.


I mean We are playing  05/.10NLon full tilt poker  and this is what i get to listen too?
Fucking Retards bragging about thier Pocket 5's Profile.



oplata: why u dont bet with fh?
CRONK123: all u do is check check check
Dealer: Mc Creu has 15 seconds left to act
CRONK123: so i could reraise
CRONK123: the donk to my left
oplata: if u havd ten u had be ...normally...
oplata: bet
Dealer: CRONK123 has 15 seconds left to act
CRONK123: dont tell me wat to do i have 10 times the skills
u do i'm up over 4k on poker

CRONK123: why i am i playin here then?
oplata: sure

oplata: so why u play in 5c tables?
CRONK123: bankroll management and i
only have 300 bucks
CRONK123: on this site
Dealer: lippynub has 15 seconds left to act
oplata: why u have only so few ?
Dealer: TylerD16 has 15 seconds left to act
CRONK123: i only put 150 on
oplata: u ddint took the maximum bonus?
CRONK123: no im not rich
oplata: bad idea
oplata: if ur so good ^^

CRONK123: im a sr. in high school
CRONK123: poker is my job right now
CRONK123: only been 18 for 5 months
oplata: and u think ur pro ^^
Dealer: MastermindT has 15 seconds left to act
oplata: what is that man?
CRONK123: my p5's page
Mc Creu: virus
Mc Creu: dont click
oplata: yea
Mc Creu: steal your acc