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Monday, November 03, 2008

Patriots Lose a Close one and Election Day Is Upon us.


Welcome to the Donkey Show.

Yes on 2 in Massachusetts.


The Patriots Lost a close game last Nite to the Indianapolis Colts 18-15 it what I can only describe as frustrating to watch. The Patriots certainly had their chances to win this game but couldn't make the big play or Catch wide open TD Pass.

But I have to say I am pretty happy with where the Patriots are at the half way point. which is 5-3 and Matt Cassell is getting better every week.


I don't know about anyone else but I will sure be glad when this Election is over. I live in Massachusetts but we have had to put up with the Ads for New Hampshire's Political Races in addition to our own. I just want it to be over.

Sadly the Republicans are doing anything they can to try and steal this Election like they did 8 years ago.

Honestly  I don't think McCain has much of a chance but anything is possible right? I mean the Giants Beat the Patriots and that was a sure thing right?

Damm just finished a $2 18 man Turbo SNG on Full Tilt poker and even though I got it in with the Best I couldn't win the Heads Up Match when my 44 lost to 33.

My Bankroll is now up to $28 from $4 a few weeks ago. I have Played $1 and $2 sngs with a few Matrix sngs thrown in for kicks.




I gotta tell you that the $2 sngs are pretty soft if I can manage to do ok then that should tell you something.