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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Raq Music

is a rising, electrifying quartet outof Burlington, VT.
Described as aggressiveimprovisational rock their music steadily raises the stakes to the music fan while
maintaining listening accessability. their performances capture the listeners taking them for a joyride of the senses.
RAQ is a musical storm, sometimes devestating,
sometimes calm and clear but always
unpredictable and relentness.
It is a sound that is both retro and futuristic to
a new generation of growing music fans."


These all stream
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Donkey Show > Verde Burro > Donkey Show (19:22) 111.8M15.8M9.3M24.8M
Havah Negila (6:41)35.5M5.4M3.2M9.3M
Dirty Sanchez > Guilty Pleasures (22:25) 129.4M18.3M10.8M29.5M
donkey show Shorter Version
carbohydrates are the enemy68.7M10.9M5.3M16.5M

This streams a excellent show

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