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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Draft Day, Rumors and Naked Coeds - Draft Tracker

If you are a Fan of the NFL, Then today is the 2nd best day of the year. It's right after opening day, it is the first day of the Draft that can either get you really excited or make you really mad how your team fucked up the draft yet again.

Unless your Easycure, He doesn't care much since his team doesn't have a first round pick.

Will the Raiders do what they should do in taking a QB with the #1 pick or will

they take the Best  player in the draft. Looks like the Raiders are trying to trade Randy Moss which would mean they would be taking Calvin Johnson.  The Only Problem with Taking the WR is they Have No QB to throw them the Ball.

It is being reported in Numerous Places that one of the Teams trying to trade for Randy Moss is the Patriots, which if they did aquire him would give them one of the best receiving Duo's in the league with Moss and Stallworth. Probably Not going to happen But it is nice to dream.

But lets say the Raiders do what they should in taking a QB then Would the Lions take another WR in the first Round????  Matt Millen must have naked photo's of William Clay Ford who is the owner of the Lions.

I am wondering who the Patriots will Pick at 24 + 28 courtesy of Seattle.

We do not have a 2nd rounder. which we traded for wes welker who will be the new Troy Brown on the Patriots.

Peter King is reporting that the Pats will trade the 24th pick to the Redskins for next years #1. If they could do this then they would be getting a steal.

I would think that the patriots will take 1 of these 3 positions in the First round.

  1. Linebacker
  2. Corner Back
  3. Saftey.
Hopefully it will be a good day for the Patriots. enjoy the day.

only 2 1/2 months till Training camp starts.

Redsox-Yankees at 4pm.



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