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Monday, August 20, 2007

Who Likes Waffles

"It leads to other weird ass trains of though like for instances where do all these porno chicks come from? I mean you can log on to the internet every night and surf for ten hours and never see the same chick again.. What percentage of Americans have done a porno? Does anyone have that statistic? I mean does that show that someone I know has done a porno but I do not know about it? Kat? Jewels? IG? Carmen? LJ? YoYo? Is there something you want to tell me? I mean I could not imagine any of these fine ladies doing something like that.. is it all young California wanna be stars? Where do all these women come from?? Why did I never meet them when I was single.. Ok now that I have probably pissed off every female I even remotely know.. See lack of sleep is dangerous."

I have seen some photo's and could definetly imagine a few of these bloggers doing a porno and I Can believe that SirWaffles has never imagined a movie containing Carmen and others?

Not that I think any of them have ever done Porn. AND I DIDN''T MEANT TO IMPLY THAT EITHER.

See you at the Math tonight on

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