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Saturday, August 25, 2007

WPBT Event #8 Fullt Tilt

 Yes the time is a bit whiggidy-whack,  (Biggestron Coined it first But I like it) I wanted to Play but 2 pm on sunday when it is going to be hot and Humid out prime swim time for the Little ones. I was there last sunday at 8pm when the tourney never showed up.

Good Luck to any BLOGGERS that play.

Tournament #25384409 (8/26/07 14:00ET)

>> Name/Title: WPBT 07 event #8
>> Password: wpbt72(bloggers only)
>> Date: 8/26 (Sunday)
>> Time: 2pm (Eastern/Server Time)
>> Buyin: $24 or token
>> Game: HO
>> Limit: PL
>> Amount of minimum players expected: 25-40