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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fantasy Football Part Deux

I have the 2nd of my 2 fantasy drafts tonight. I drafted 11th yesterday and 12 Tonight.
we started the draft with 4 people missing. They were called and they made their picks by Phone a friend. we were all told to be at the site at 6:3o. we started at 7 without em,

1st round: Rudi Johnson, Rb, Cinncinati
2nd round: Peyton Manning, Qb, Indianapolis
3rd round: Clinton Portis, Rb, Washington
4th round: Larry Ftizgerald, Wr, Arizona
5th round: Tony Gonzalez Te, Kansas City
6th round: Hines Ward Wr, Pittsburg
7th round Darrell Jackson Wr, San francisco
8th round Chester Taylor Rb, Minnesota
9th round Jerrico Crotechy Wr, NY Jets
10th Round Adam Vinatieri, K, Indi
11th round Jacksonville Defense
12th round Dwayne Jarrett wr Carolina
13 round Leon Washington rb, NY Jets