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Friday, November 23, 2007

Foxwoods Today

Played the Riverchasers last night and for a change I played alfway decent. ended up going out 19th when it all when in with AJ verus AJs versus TT. AJs rivered a 4 flush to take the whole pot.

Now here is my thought on the hand. TT raised AJs called and I pushed the TT hand instantly called but I was surprised the other AJ would call off the rest of thier stack in that position.

with a raise and a push I was surprised that AJs would call with 2 pushes in front of them.
atleast i made the points but disapointed in my finish.

Going to Foxwoods with RakeFeeder today for some Limit Donkage.
it should be packed today with it being the day after a holiday and with all the college students home.


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