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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day Football bet #2

Bet 1 was a winner so here is bet 2

This one isn't looking so good. Mainly cause the Jets have Zero Offense.
I need 13 points in the last 10 min.

Cowboys score to make it 7 and Jets get down to the 5 yard line and go for it on 4th and goal damm guy catches it falling out of the endzone and ManGenius doesn't challenge the play???
I will be shocked if he is not fired after this season. Ok I am Bitter cause now I am going to lose this bet. But it is more from the disapointment of watching the Jets Drive down thinking I would cover only to see them get stopped 4 times inside the 5.

Risked $75.00 to win $68.18
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2 Team Teaser Bet Details (reference #95195115)
New York Jets vs. Dallas Cowboys Over 42
Football - NFL Lines NFL - WEEK 12 - Total
(Teased 6.0 points)
Dallas Cowboys -8½
Football - NFL Lines NFL - WEEK 12 - Pointspread
(Teased 6.0 points)