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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey day Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. If Your Traveling
I hope your Journey is a Safe one.

I was supposed to Tend Bar today at the restaurant where I work. I show up at 11:15,
15 minutes early only to find out they don't need me till 1:30. Now they don't need me at all.
My wife is pissed but its ok. I get to spend thanksgiving with my family and my Inlaws. Rather than serve drinks all afternoon. Is that a Bad Beat? I think not.

See you at the RiverChasers tonight on Fulltilt at 9pm.
Where i will not slow play AA preflop I swear to god.

Enjoy the Day Folks you never know what tomorrow will bring.

My first bet for today is this
2 Team Parlay

Football - NFL Lines (Game) Pointspread
(103) Green Bay Packers -4 (-105) Thu@12:30p
Competitor: (104) Detroit Lions
Football - NFL Lines (Game) Total
(103) Green Bay Packers vs. (104) Detroit Lions Over 47 Thu@12:30p
Risk $37.00 to win $100.91