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Thursday, February 21, 2008

California Dreaming

      Motivation is a problem today. I am flying to California tommorrow for my sisters wedding on saturday and I Just want this day to end. But it just doesn't want too. even after I get out from the Shop I have to go home and walk the dogs, Pack and then get dressed to go to my Bartending Gig at Worcester's Home of the Blues till 2am.Then I get to go Home and walk the dogs shower and leave for the airport for my 7am flight. So I can be reunited with the Wonkettes. I got a tearfull call from my oldest wonkette who was melting down after a long day at Disney Land. It is the one thing that always makes me smile That my daughter loves and misses me so much. I Know I am not the Best dad but I try my best. Sometimes I wonder though Would they be better off without me?? But then calls like that and I know why I stay.

So 26 hours till my flight. I was hoping it would be WARM in California but I guss I will have to settle for Warmer than Worcester, Mass. mid 50's boooo. Hope everyone has a great weekend I know I will.

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