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Monday, February 04, 2008

A Giant Upset

I think that the stock for for depression medication might be going thru the roof today. I Know I am depressed I mean who wouldn't be, We watched the Best team I have ever seen go 18-0 and Lose the Superbowl in stunning fashion.

You won't even get me to bitch about a few calls or non calls by the Refs. BWOP made that comment on the game.

"7:09pm EST: OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. Toomer caught that? No offensive pass interference? Wow."

"10:06pm EST: The New York Giants are your Super BLOW XLII CHAMPIONS.

Just kill me and fuck my dead body."
So go check out BWOP.

I would like to hear an explanation as to why this crap happened. Brandon Merriweather falling on the ball and be touched by a Giant only to have them roll him over and take the ball away? WTF is up with that.

The Giants DESERVED TO WIN. They played Better than the Patriots did when it counted and thats all that really needs to be said. The Catch David Tyree made was amazing. I can't figure out how he held onto it. Asante Samuels couldn't neither could Rodney Harrison.

The Patriots had this game in their hands and for the first time this year they couldn't make the play they needed to make.

The worst part is now we get to listen to NEW YORKERS who are always classy and Quiet when their teams win. Hope they feel better now that one of their teams won. Which is more than I can say for Dolphins fans and your gay bunch of Players from 72'.

This Asswipe Dolphins fan has this to say.
Once the game ended, it didn't take much time for the sound of screaming and honking cars to drift through my window. And then it got louder and louder. Now, despite the fact that I'm prone to vicious streaks of misanthropy and often like to revel in my status as an outsider, I do enjoy observing the occasional act of communal celebration. So I put on my jacket and went for a short walk.
I remember the celebrating which happened on these very same blocks back when the Yankees won their World Serieses. I also remember the good-humored mayhem after Aaron Boone hit his home run in 2003.

Tonight was that times ten. Men, women, and children carousing in the streets. Some people running shirtless down the sidewalk, others running drunkenly in front of moving cars. One guy was already selling Giants Super Bowl Champions t-shirts on the street. But my favorite moment which I will always cherish from Super Bowl XLII: Just as I passed a deli, the owner came running to the sidewalk in a frenzy, holding tallboys of Bud in his hands, and yelling "Free Beer! Free Beer!" So I took one, thanked him, and kept walking. About a block later, I thought to myself that I hope he really was the owner of that deli.

Atleast the Patriots will make the Playoffs next year and the Dolphins won't right? or is there something to that streak of Super Bowl Losers not making the playoffs the following year.

At least they are better than Eagles Fans right? Wait they now are going to investigate that superbowl also. Arlen Sphincter wants a congressional hearing? are you fucking kidding me?

Tonight is the Math which i won't be playing since I do not like 6 max. Hope everyone that plays has a great time.

Congrats to the Giants and their fans. Enjoy it cause your team earned it.
Now I am going to go Kick my dog named Brady.