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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sunday is Finally here, Tippett makes the HOF.

     The Road to Perfectville. 18 - 0 With 1 more to go. Tonight we are going to see something special.
Either it will be the Patriots becoming only the 2nd TEAM ever to go undefeated and win the SuperBowl.
Or we will see the Biggest Upset ever in the SuperBowl. Bigger than the Patriots Beating the Greatest show on turf or Broadway Joe and the Jets back 50 years ago.

Right now the spread on the game is Patriots -12 11 1/2 and 55 o/u.

My first inclination is to take the points and the over. The Patriots are 1-8 against the spread the last 9 weeks. 11 1/2 is alot but this might be the game where the patriots play like they did early in the season.
I also think that if you go back to the first matchup in week 17 and look at the Patriots defense you will see they they did not play very good. There were alot of missed tackles and they couldn't stop the Giants on 3rd down. The Patriots were also without 2 of their starting offensive linemen.

I think that the Patriots are not going to be sluggish in the first half this time around. I also look for their defense to make a few Big Plays and strech it out early. If they can get up by 10-14 it could ugly Real quick.
I look for it to be close early and for the patriots to win by 10+, I think that Bellechick Won't run up the score so it may not be as close as the Final score would indicate.

My Prediction is 38-21 Patriots. Lets Hope Both teams suffer No major injurys.

Congrats also go out to Andre Tippett who was the 2nd best LineBacker in the 80's only behind LT. The Main Difference Being that Tippett played for from pretty bad Patriots teams and LT played in NY.
Tippett lived a clean life and stayed out of trouble while LT did Drugs But he won superbowls and got all the Press. It is nice to see a Good guy get his Due.

Go Patriots.

Drop The Hammer.