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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Its not what you say but how you say it.

     Chad has written a Great Post about luck in a MTT. I hope everyone will read this. Now I agree with almost everything KOD says except I Do want to slam him for one statement which shows that he doesn't get it.

most people in bloggaments are just playing for a good time and are TRYING to lay a bad beat. I am guilty of this quite often, I mean its $10, that alone should be an indicator that the luck factor is huge. So in closing, if you have won a lot of bloggaments, you are indeed a lucksack!

See what he doesn't get is that alot of us Don't play many Bigger tourneys. I have never played the 750k on FT or the 1 mill on stars. Why cause those tournies are way out of my bankroll so these little $10 and $26 tourneys are it for me. I may not always play well but I usually try to play my best and I would say that most of us do the same. I also disagree that people are trying to Lay a bad beat unless its on waffles of course. But my point is Your intentionally being a douchebag cause the stakes don't mean anything to you
just shows you DONT GET WHAT THESE BLOGGER TOURNEYS ARE ABOUT. If I wan't to play with a bunch of douchbags I can play in a million different tournies.

I also think That alot of People Don't understand It's NOT WHAT YOU SAY BUT HOW YOU SAY IT.
If you are a friend of mine you could insult my mixed racial heritage, or my Religion or both at the same time like some Friends I have had done. As long as you say it with some humor. But say it in a snotty tone and we are going to have a problem whether you are a friend of mine or not. Why you might ask cause its how you say it not what you say.