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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bodog bodonkey Blogger Series 2nd Place Luckbox



Welcome to the Donkey Show.

Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament


I Took 2nd last night in The Bodonkey on Bodog poker. Thats right I was sitting here in my Home In Worcester Mass, and I Played Online Poker at Bodog. Why because Bodog Poker and Casino is the Premier Place to play online Poker.

Lets just say I got lucky a few times then managed to play pretty tight till I had a stack then I Ramped it up a bit and took advantage of the short stacks who might have been trying to hang on till the points. I don't know why but the different site throws me off from how certain people play.

Its funny I went thru stretches  of either crazy cards or completely dead. Now what are the odds of getting dealt KK 3 STRAIGHT TIMES?  Yes this happened to me but sadly it was at my first table probably in the first blinds round and no one did anything stupid so I ended up with not much for such great cards.

Once we got to the Final Table I managed to catch a few hands and take out the first 2 and was sitting on a Huge chip lead like 35k when everyone else had like 10-15k with Icrushbloggers (ghey name)  the only other big stack till he donked out as usual.

Its funny I ended up HU with salex77 with him having a 55k-43k advantage and the blinds were still low enough to allow us some play. I really thought I had him a few times. I had chipped away and taken the lead with some really aggressive HU play to the point I had 73k to his like 24k but he won a big swing pot where we switched places. I did managed to chip back up into the 30k range  then we got it in with  Me holding AT and  him with A7 and the 7 on the river gave him the well deserved win.

You really have to hand it to Bodog for Putting on such a Great tournament series for us Poker Bloggers.  First they give us great      add-ons to the prize Pool with the Bonus T$ dollars, Then they pay the 3 bubble spots their money back and they are throwing a Freeroll for the Best of the Bodonkey at the end.

Not that My Bankroll on Full Tilt can Support it But I am Defiantly out of the Mookie Tonight since I will be at the Eagles Concert at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Just in case you are not sure of how to pronounce it, it is WooStah.


I Want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

" Bodonkey

word type: noun

  1. A blogger tournament series on Bodog Poker.
  2. Complete Dumbass

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Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament



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