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Monday, November 24, 2008

Poker I didn't even touch her, Mohegan Sun Fun


Welcome to the Donkey Show.


Forgive me for I have sinned. It has been 5 days since my last post. I Almost posted but then I didn't, Not like any of my 5 readers missed this useless drivel anyway But since I have last been here I Turned almost 40(39) and went to Mohegan Sun with RakeFeeder.

The Trip to Mohegan was fun since I didn't lose money for the first time in awhile.We both Played the 7:30p.m. tourney but busted out 2 tables short of the money. but not a bad tourney with starting stacks of 10k with 20 minute levels for $120.

I then played 1/2 nl for the next 7 hours moving to Rakefeeder's table about 30 minutes in and stayed there all night.after my tourney bust out. This table was interesting. I was in the 10 seat with Rakefeeder in the 7. All the Decent Players were at our end and All the bad Players were down at the 1,2,3,4 seats. When I sat down the kid in the 9's was a decent young player and his girlfriend was Pretty to boot. in the 8's was this loose guy in his mid 50's Rakefeeder said he had 3k but he only left with probably 1.5k he liked to play alot of hands I mean probably 70% easy.  The best thing about Mohegan Sun's NEW POKER ROOM is that they do not have a Time charge. So I don't mind waiting for my spots against these Aggro folks because it isn't costing me $10 out of my stack every hour.

  I did tilt a bit when Rakefeeder Chased to the river with his T9?  and spiked his trip T on the river, and yes I paid him off after he led for $80, He asked me why I called but with all the money in the pot and the table had been weird with lots of showdowns with Weird 1 pair hands I thought he might be value betting his smaller 1 pair since the other person was on a flush draw (all Nite) and didn't get there. The Whole thing really was my fault for not raising more on the turn. The lady was on a flush draw and once she called it was an easy call for RakeFeeder.

So the next hand I admit I was tilting and I think someone raised to $10 and with like everyone calling that raise peek and see JJ and since I am Somewhat Tilting I raise to $50 and get 5 callers. flop come Q56 2 clubs. I check as do the next 2 then this loose guy shoves for like 300+  So I fold and watch as he flips over 3c4c and rakes the $300 pot. Nice hand. Ok I did eventually refocus without spewing anymore chips. after those 2 hands instead of being up $450 I am only up $60 

At 1 point during the nite 3-5 we were playing 5 or 6 handed which was fun since you can play more hands and it is way better with the reads you get with playing live that and having decent position in the game. I had Rake Feeder 3 to my right and the really loose guy with like 2K+ was 2 seat to my right and after he left the loose guy with 34c was to Rakefeeder's right. I find position is huge when short handed so i was able to benefit and end up leaving the table +200 after paying off my tourney Buyin.

I was going to go to Mohegan Sun This Wednesday but my wife got 2 FREE Tickets to go see the Eagles and I do Not Mean the Sucky EAGLES in Philadelphia.  I have always been a huge Eagles fan but I an not about to spend $160 bucks for tickets no fucking way. so This was sweet now if we can only find a babysitter, I was looking on the Eagles site and I now Live in Worcester, Maine apparently not Worcester Mass.

Rakefeeder the girls would love for you to be the one let me know if your interested.



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