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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eagles Rock the DCU Center on Assisted Living Tour


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Today is one of my favorite Holidays. Why cause it has absolutely nothing to do with religion and everything to do with Family and friends.

Nice Photo(they are Atleast 5 years older now)

So the Eagles Played to an almost sold out DCU center in Worcester, Mass. The show was a little over 3 hours  They opened with 4 songs off their new album(Long Road Out of Eden) but then out came all the songs we have grown up with. The 4th song was Hotel California and the only thing missing was the smell of marijuana floating thru the air. These guys are pushing 60 (Don Henley — Date of Birth: July 22, 1947, Glenn Lewis Frey. Born, November 6, 1948) and can they still bring it. If you closed your eyes you could have sworn the Cd was Playing. I swear Don Henley looks like harvey keitel aka The Wolf from Pulp fiction.  I wanted to Pull a Pulp Fiction and Waste those Mother fuckers behind us. I mean these people were not only loud they talked thru the whole first set Normally I would have said something but they were Co workers of my wife and we didn't pay for the seats so I Kept Quiet and tried to enjoy the show.

I usually find myself leaving concerts these days saying Damn that was LOUD but the Eagles have figured out their sound, so they sound Fantastic. Not to loud not to soft kinda then way it should be instead of the Music being so fucking loud you can barely hear the Vocals. My wife turned to me and said wow they can sure Harmonize and I looked at her and said The are the Fucking Eagles of course they can Harmonize. 

The only glitch of the night was when they came back from intermission and none of the Microphones had been turned back on so Don Henley was Singing but no one could hear but the crowd filled in admirably.



Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament


Tonight after we have all eaten too much We have the Bodonkey Blogger Series at 9:05 on Bodog Poker and "The Great one" Dr Pauly is hosting a tourney on Pokerstars.

I know I will be in the Bodonkey But I have no funds on stars. So if anyone wants to swap me $6 on stars for full tilt I would be might Grateful My stars name is "wwonka"  I promise not to Pull a Donkette.


Have a Great Turkey Day.

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