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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Too Much Cheese?

30 slices of cheese? OK I have always said that you can never have too much cheese. I said that tonight as I was at D'Angelos getting my favorite number9 and said I wanted extra cheese and my you can never have too much cheese thought and he said Yes you can! Now I looked at him and asked how much that could be? he said that a
large would get 5 slices of cheese and extra cheese would be 10 total. So I got to thinking how many slices would be to many 15? No I bet 15 would be ok close too 20 I think would be alot. The Grinder man said they have one Gluttonus Pig of a customer who gets 30 fucking slices of cheese on his large grinder.

I Did ask if the Guys name was AL? and then I thought I will have to ask for them to put Bacon on this next time. He looked at me and smiled but said no. Seriously 30 slices of cheese. say that with me 30 slices of cheese please. OMG that is too much cheese I didnt think I would ever say that but there it is.

hmmm, I think maybe i will go back tommorrow and see if I can get Bacon, maybe for lunch. Too bad they don't deliver.