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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BBT 3 a Good thing????Its crap like this that makes me wonder. I Mean since now that there are actual Prizes and AMAZING ONES AT THAT THANKS TO AL CAN'T HANG.

But now are we going to return to the Bitching about everyones play??? I mean wtf so so what that I just Played 2 and a half hours just to lose to a fucking terrible beat from a good Guy. I really mean that and the rest of this is not intended to point at him so dont take it that way.

But that is Poker and If you cant handle it then stop playing but for fuck sake cut out the Bullshit at the tables. I mean I know Don is good for atleast 2-3 good drunken rants. But so what that someone called your reraise preflop with whatever 2 fucking cards they are their cards and they have a right to play them as they see fit. Yes they may be fucking Morons but so fucking what they paid their money just like you and me.

[NumbBono]: well played
[NumbBono]: calling off those chips with 6-6
[NumbBono]: nice job
[NumbBono]: I don't know how you retards made it this far
Columbo777: just coin flipping
[NumbBono]: not really, but whatever
Columbo777: nothing i love better than being called a retard.
Columbo777: wtf?
[NumbBono]: I watch you play like crap every week, but you always get the best of me
Columbo777: I make a questionable call with 66 against a short stack and I play like crap every week?!
Columbo777: wtf?
MoFo_69: lol
MoFo_69: cant we all just get along
MoFo_69: or is everyone going to get pissy when they lose now?

But the Only Problem with the BBT3 is that we will see more and more of this Boorish Behavior. I am sure we will have record turnouts with all the fantastic prizes that Al managed to secure from Full Tilt Poker.

[Listening to: That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker (BuddyDank Radio Test) - O.A.R. - (0:-1)]