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Friday, February 29, 2008

Finding a long lost friend and a Nappy Headed Hoes.

I will assume most people know what it is like to find a long lost friend.
Well yesterday thats what happened to me. Who was this person you might ask?
It is the Barber who gives good haircuts. Now I know that doesn't seem like much but With my Mixed Racial background My hair grows funny. Curly and Wavy. If I were a chick I would be a Nappy Headed Hoe. Now whats the big deal you say its only a barber but have you ever gone home from the barber shop and shaved your head??? I have, It seems some people are not capable of noticing when it looks fucked up after they are finished.

So I was excited to find RB in his new location.

RBS Barbershop
370 Burncoat St
Worcester, MA 01606
(508) 853-4252

So if you live in or around Worcester and need a great barber go see RB in his now location.
click here for directions.

I do have a Question for my 69 readers. for those of you that host your blogs somewhere other than blogspot where do you do it? and how much does it cost?