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Sunday, March 02, 2008

BBT3 kicks off tonight at 9:30

Tonight is the start of the BBT3 with the Big Game kicking off the whole shebang. 46 peeps signed up as of 5:18 est. Wonder if we will hit 60? this should be intersting 55 tourneys with 2 Main event WSOP seats and 7 2k seats up for grab. It should be interesting to see who make the TOC and Who doesn't.

With all the Over Inflated Ego's things are sure to get testy. I have stated this in the comments of Al's blog But I think 25% for the Points is too tight a range. some of these tourneys are marathons and getting to play for 3 hours only to miss the points sucks.

Yes this is a minor thing but it might lessen some of the bitching that goes on. Wait I forgot some of us think they are always right.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the BBT3 and all that AL has managed to do. I am sure this is not easy to get setup and run.