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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tonights Tourneys

This is a Massachusetts Home game that we have moved online every other week. You must play in the HPT home games to play.

I wonder how many Donks will show up for this one. 100? 150?. I think the BBT3 is going to kill us all. I mean we have seen record fields for every event so far.

Congratulations go out to corron10 to won last nights "Skillz series" I think it should be renamed to the NO SKILLZ SERIES with all the Retarded play I saw last night in the Limit Stud event.

So up to now I am 0-3 for the points in the BBT3. Maybe tonight will be the night when i can crack the points and the TOC. Yes i fully intend to win one of these events and then claim my Main event WSOP seat.

Yeah I know stop smoking crack. but I am dead serious. I figure I have a better shot than either Hoyazo or Waffles tonight.