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Monday, March 03, 2008

Randy Moss Stays a Patriot, Fischman Donks up a win in BBT3 opener

Tim DiPiero, the agent for Randy Moss, detailed the contract with the Patriots in an email to reporters:

"I am pleased to confirm that Randy Moss has signed a three year contract with the New England Patriots. The contract calls for a total payout of $27 million with $15 million guaranteed, $12 million of which is in the form of a signing bonus. Randy is grateful to Mr. Kraft, Coach Belichick and Scott Pioli for agreeing to the terms of this contract. Randy was serious about wanting to stay. Because of Randy's record-breaking year, the interest in him was very high. Randy took less than he could have to rejoin his teammates."

I don't know why everyone was worrying. If he was going to have signed with another team it would have happened right away. Since most teams like to tamper and contact players and their agents before Free agency actually opens. How else do you explain players signing contracts at 5 minutes past midinight.
Does anyone really believe that teams and players can negotiate a multi year contract in 5 min?

So maybe the commishoner should look into ALL this CHEATING going on around the league. I Know how Hoyazo wants everything to be on the Up and Up. So I will expect an investiagtion by the commisioners office any day now.

Fischman Donks up a win in BBT3 opener. By All accounts Scott Fischman Donked it up Mightly Last night in the Big game. Calling all sort of bets with Any 2 cards and catching all night long. If I was a conspiracy theorist I might say that it was rigged But it wasn't so I won't but I can see where some of the crazies might get some ideas.

Tonight is the MATH..

I see scott fischman aka Super Donk is already signed up. If I can win a token I will donate.