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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Full Tilt Major Update.

Full Tilt Major Update.
Read TilterDoug here.

"The "big update" is here! Lots of good stuff, here are the bigger items:

A) Tournament Dollars - Most people know what this is, so I won't get too into it. It does mean that you will be able to unregister from just about every tournament you satellite into and get T$ credited to your account.

B) Auto Top-Up - This was all you guys. Just go to "Options->Set Buy-In Preferences..." and you'll now see a checkbox under Ring Game Auto-Rebuy for Auto Top-Up. If you have it checked, you will be "topped up" to your preferred amount should you fall below it at the end of a hand.

C) Sit Out Next Blind - Or, more accurately, Sit Out Next Big Blind. Only found on Speed tables, and does just what it sounds like it does. We also changed the sit back in behavior on Speed tables so you no longer have to perfectly time your return so as not to post blinds out of position. Now when you click "I'm Back" you'll be put into "waiting for big blind" mode. So, if you haven't been playing the Speed tables for either reason, you should definitely check them out again.

D) Player Color Codes and Notes - The great feature suggestion by EWS87 in this thread has been implemented. You now see your color coded notes for players from the lobby. If you hover your mouse over a player you also see any specific notes you have on them. We also fixed the problem of losing notes if your client isn't shut down gracefully. When you click Save and Exit now on your note, the note actually saves right then and there. What a concept.

Other, less obvious, changes:

a) There is now a 12 hour self-exclusion option. AKA the "I'm totally drunk" option. (aka the wwonka69 lockout)

b) Satellites now end when the top prize has been reached! No more playing a satellite out for absolutely no reason.

c) You now have a little more time to post your blinds.

d) Three new chat policies have been implemented. The biggest and most obvious is that you can no longer chat while a player is all in and there is still action in the hand. We will also now be turning off observer chat for the final table of many of our larger tournaments (red pros excluded, we wouldn't want to deny de Wolfe the pleasure of berating everyone). And finally, in many of our satellites we will be turning off all chat as the bubble approaches.

e) Some windows have been revamped. You'll immediately notice the Cashier. The Bonus window and Buy In window have also had a facelift. You might notice slightly different behavior, hopefully for the better, in both.

There's probably some other stuff I'm forgetting, but those are the highlights. For some pretty pictures and possibly a little more explanation of the larger features, you can check out

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