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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do you let your kids lick the spoon??

My Oldest Wonkette wanted to bake a Cake tonight so we made this one from scratch. She did most of the work. she measured out all the ingredients herself with alittle oversight from me. Lucky for me she decided after about 1 minute of starting to mix it all up that she could get me to do it for her. So I do most of the Mixing but she pours it into the Pan.

Question : Do you let your kids lick the spoon at the end when there are eggs in the Mix??

So we Bake the cake and I manage to remove it with only some Minor Damage. We mixed up the Drizzle as the little one calls it and Let her drizzle it all over the cake.

So we bring cake up to my wife and youngest and my wife looks at me and apologizes for asking me to make this having just realized that I am on Fatkins/Atkins Diet. I licked the frosting off my hand and then realizing what I did I spit it into the sink But Man did that taste good. But I must be strong I am Like an Alcoholic but with Sweets and I have been known to eat half a Pint of Ben and Jerrys which you can now order by Mail how crazy is that? order Ice Cream delivered by the United states Postal service. Now I actually have very good carriers but i can just picture it getting lost and showing up in say 2 months all Soupy and nasty.

So I find it much easier to abstain from almost any and every sugar I can even spitting out that little bit. Obsessive Maybe but I have lost 9 pounds in a week and a half and am actually half way to my goal where I will start eating Ice Cream again. Most Likely The Steven Colbert Americone Dream.

Hope everyone had a great weekend still waiting for the nice weather to show up we went from 50's to and inch of snow in 1 goddam day.

I am ready for some nice weather thats for sure.