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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Begins

I know this Tech Geek will be happy for the start of BaseBall even though he is a Mets fan he would be happy with me since i seem to have a few Mets, Wright, Delgado and Pedro.

MoFo's BoZos

1. (5) David Wright
2. (24) Michael Young (this is the pick I am not sure about)
3. (33) Justin Morneau
4. (52) Chris Young
5. (61) Justin Verlander
6. (80) Fausto Carmona
7. (89) Joe Borowski
8. (108) Gary Sheffield
9. (117) Andruw Jones
10. (136) Pedro Martínez
11. (145) Jeff Kent
12. (164) Carlos Delgado
13. (173) Ted Lilly
14. (192) Gary Matthews Jr.
15. (201) Curt Schilling (meant to take Willis But clicked Shill by accident)
16. (220) Dontrelle Willis
17. (229) Ramón Hernández
18. (248) Kerry Wood

I am Pretty happy with my draft. I didnt get a catcher till round 17 since once the top 5 are gone they are all about the same.

Lets hope my pitching Holds up and that Pedro Martinez can bounce back after a somewhat lost season last year.


Biggestron said...

A misclick for Schilling. Hmm.

He might be good, if there is a category for fastest to the injury list.

8 million to work out 2 hours a day and sit on the bench all summer. Sounds like Theo is the one that misclicked...