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Friday, March 21, 2008

Foxwoods With RakeFeeder

I called RakeFeeder to see if he could be talked into a trip to foxwoods. Which is like asking AlCanthang if he wants some Southern Comfort Then I called my wife to get the ok from her. So RakeFeeder picked me up at 4:45 and we were sitting at a tables by 6pm.

Rakefeeder got sat first at a table next to mine so I immediately asked to a table change.
MY first table was short with only 8 playing and the First hand I am Dealt QQ in the BB and I Get 4 limpers and Raise to 20.
get 2 callers and the flop comes A high and I fire a C bet and fold to a big reraise and get shown AKo. Now I had only bought in for 150. Yes I am purposely short stacking. So right off the Bat I am down 47. 3 hands later get QQ again and raise the 6 limpers To 20 and get a call and with no Ace I fire a C bet and this time I take it down. So back to 145 and table busts and

Luckily for my a seat is open at Rakefeeders table opposite him which is perfect. While I like playing at his table I Generally try to stay out of his way so being across the table is perfect for me and him I Would assume.

table Lineup is as follows.

seat1: old guy (plays too many hands)
seat2: 50 year old nothing special.
seat3: Wwonka
seat5: Headphones Dude -Tilty after a couple of losses
seat6 fat guy
seat7: Jersey Dude #1
seat8 Jersey Dude #2
seat9 Black Guy - Chargers hat
seat10 RakeFeeder

So I am in the 3 and RakeFeeder is in the 10. After about an hour I move to the 5 where I would stay the rest of the Night. It sucks getting old and I have a hard time reading the board from the ends.

seat1: Blond lady
seat2: 50 year old nothing special.
seat3: old guy (plays too many hands)
seat4:black dude _chargers hat
seat5: wwonka69
seat6 Kid
seat7: Jersey Dude #1
seat8 Jersey Dude #2
seat9 RakeFeeder
seat10 Hippie Kid

The 2 jersey dude's were real annoying they one on the 8 especially He was splashing around and Raising alot of pots. I played 2 hands in a row the first where I flopped 2nd pair but let it go to the big raise from him.

then the 2nd hand about 3 hands after the first I raised with AQo oop and he called. Check check, check check, now the board was all low cards so I check the river and he Fires out a Bet of 25 inot a 40 pot. Now I am not usually in the Habit of Calling the River with AQ high but I wanted to see what he had and couldn't figure out what he would call preflop with then check to the rive and bet.

So I called and won suprisingly with AQ high. Marked this guy down but never seemed to get a hand that I could play with him. He did like to get it all in.
they leave about 11 and I am trying to get rakefeeder to leave at midnight, He says lets play and its a good thing we did.

So up to about 200 and tables starts to turn over. This guy sits down in the 2 and proceeds to dump 300 on the table in the course of 10 hands and luckily for me I ended up with 150 or so of it.

So for the Next 2 hours I basically bounce between 332 and 275 not hitting any flops with any of the crap that I chose to play Which isn't that wide since I am the tighest person at the table.

This Black Guy (Bgwrsh) with a redsox hat sits down in the 7 seat and Proceeds to double up the first hand and he is soon up too about 800 from 200 winning 3 hands with TPTK and Getting lucky on the river like sucking out 2 pair after you chased all the way with just a pair of 8'S.

He was my New Target now that the Jersey Guys left Rakefeeder Moved to the 4 seat directly to my left which is better than my right I guess. So Rake and I decided to leave at 2 when the dealers change. So last hand I get TT in the BB and there are like 5 limpers including Rakefeeder so I Pop it to 20 and get 2 callers with Rakefeeder dropping. The Black guy with the sox hat (the Lucky fuck) and the Asian guy who was pretty solid but had taken it on the chin lately. Flop comes T55 BINGO. I am not one to usually act but as soon as that flop came I groaned out loud and started cursing under my breath. I check my boat and the Bgwrsh bets 40 into the 75 pot and the Asian guy calls. I sit there and take my time then ask how much and call. Rakefeeder is Bitching to me and I kick him under the table telling him to pay attention, Since he is out of the hand.

The Turn is a K so the Board is T55K I again check my Boat and Bgwrsh bets about 100 quickly and his hands are shaking slightly. The Asian guy folds and then I tank for a Minute and then Push for like 240 more. He takes about 20 seconds to think then makes the call. I am really only worried about KK and I think he would have Reraised Preflop so I think I am good.

He flips over AK and the River is a 5 so I am good with the Board showing 55TK5. Dragging the Biggest Pot I have ever won for like almost 900 bucks.
Now the interesting Part is that Rakefeeder was telling me on the flop how I knocked him off his hand. He had Limped with T5
He would have Rivered Quads. Lucky for me I didn't him see it for cheap.

is probably my 4th time Playing NL live at Foxwoods and After the session I was real happy with the way I played. Not only cause I ended up cashing out for 600+ but I made what I think was the correct play most of the time. I was too passive at times but such is life.

one hand I had AJo and Limped and the slop cam J34 2 diamonds and It gets bet by the 1 seat and she gets Reraised by her husband in the 3 before it gets back to me. I flash my AJ to my Neighbor and he chastises me for folding that, but the 3 seat had AA and I made the right fold. Interesting thing happened during that hand. After I folded While the Lady was about to call her husband he blurts out I am all in before she called his flop bet or the turn had been dealt. WTF is that? I think he was just trying to save his wife the money but still.
She made the call anyways and lost and my AJ was no good anyways Like I thought. I folded a bunch of hands that might have been good but I am not calling 20 flop bets with middle pair no kicker.

If it hadn't been 2 am I would have been happy to stay and Play but I had a date with work today and I am working a double, Bartending from 8-2 at Gilreins tonight. So It was time to leave.

Sorry if this was rambling or incomprehensible I am working on 4 hours sleep.

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